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  • "It is melancholy to reflect that Mankind has suffered more from ill-judged philanthropy than [from] calculated malice. The road to Hell is no less harrowing for being paved with good intentions." ~ Giles St. Aubyn, biography of King Edward VII



  • : Survivors - The Complete Series 1 [1975]

    Survivors - The Complete Series 1 [1975]
    An apocalyptic virus wipes out nearly every human on the planet. How will the Survivors cope with the end of civilisation? (*****)

  • : Blake's 7 - Series 3

    Blake's 7 - Series 3
    Possibly the best of all 4 series. Series 3 pulls out all the stops.

  • : Blake's 7 - Series 2

    Blake's 7 - Series 2
    When the BBC brought back the surprise sci-fi hit, they pumped in more money. And it shows. Kitsch, camp, quirky, intelligent, witty, daring and just bloody brilliant. The return of the Liberator and crew. Review (*****)

  • : Blake's 7 - Series 1 [1978]

    Blake's 7 - Series 1 [1978]
    The greatest sci-fi series ever is now on DVD. Forget the cheapness of the whole affair and just wallow in perfection. Blake's 7 should be the benchmark by which all TV sci-fi should be judged. Review (*****)

  • : The Prisoner [1967]

    The Prisoner [1967]
    Trapped in a village sealed off from the outside world, with no one he can trust. How will he escape? Large weather balloons. Penny farthing badges. The cult series that defined 60s cool in one set. (****)

  • : Indiana Jones Trilogy Box Set

    Indiana Jones Trilogy Box Set
    The greatest movie action hero of all time? I think so. And you will too when you watch this superb trilogy. (*****)

  • : Farscape: Complete Season 1 (Box Set) [1999]

    Farscape: Complete Season 1 (Box Set) [1999]
    Culty sci-fi series with Henson creatures. (****)

  • : Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV-VI)

    Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV-VI)
    The original 3. Classics, one and all. The Death Star. Chewbacca. Obi Wan. Luke, Han & Leia. Lightsabers. The Millenium Falcon. Yoda. R2-D2 & C-3PO. The ultimate sci-fi epic fantasy series. (*****)

  • : The Godfather Trilogy

    The Godfather Trilogy
    Coppola's mafia family saga. Two of the greatest films ever made. Epic. Violent. First class acting. De Niro. Brando. Pacino. Caan. Duvall. Keaton. Shire. A horse's head. (*****)

On the Wheel of Steel

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March 24, 2005


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I saw with amazement that the island of Cracketovv, on my first trip to Sumatra[June 1679] completely green and healthy with trees, lay completely burnt and barren in front of our eyes and that at four locations was throwing up large chunks of fire. And when I asked the ship's Captain when the aforementioned island had erupted, he told me that this had happened in May 1680 ... He showed me a piece of pumice as big as his fist.

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